〜A world of contrast that will capture your heart〜

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I went to Design Festa to help my friend, and saw my first illustration booth. I never knew there was such a wonderful event like this and I was touched.

Everyone at the event had confidence in their works and that struck me as really cool.

I became interested and searched more about it. And that’s when I found out about Sakura Exhibition.

I am a designer as my main business.

I studied design at college and I enjoyed that time very much.

I made posters, brochures, and created my own imaginary brand and did marketing.

These practices benefited me greatly when I started to work.

After becoming a freelance designer, my attitude towards work has changed.

New jobs don’t just appear out of thin air. Just because you got one assignment doesn’t mean the next one is guaranteed to show up.

You are responsible for everything so you cannot blame it on someone.

But I was able to stay positive, and understood that I had to do “anything and everything I can.” Because every effort you will make will come back to you.

I have worked really hard to bring my work on track since I became a freelance designer.

Things have finally settled down since last year. If you look back, I’ve been working for only 5 years.

When I participated in the event, I found myself burst out with this feeling “I like illustrations!! I want to draw”. And so I started to draw for the first time in a few years.

I place a lot of emphasis impact.

Because of my job, I am always conscious about how I can get attention from people.

I want people to feel “What’s this??” and capture their heart at the first glimpse of my pictures.

I like drawings that have strong contrast, like where something is standing out in the middle of a busy street.

I love to hear comments from the people who came to the event.

It makes me smile when I hear the conversation of people who came along with friends saying, “Which handsome guy do you like?” “This guy is my favorite.”

You don’t have many opportunities to meet the end-user in a job like this.

I can learn a lot by hearing both good and bad opinions.

Recently, I think there are many publication covers that have great taste in illustration.

My goal for now is that I would like to try an illustratively beautiful cover for a book.

And if possible, I would like to try illustrating the binding of the picture book that I drew.

It would be fun if I could also create a POP (point of purchase advertising) and posters by myself and ship them.

If I could do that, I would be happy.

I can advertise myself saying “You can lower your costs!”

From our Editor

Interviewed month: May, 2014.

When Yunoki-san started to draw again, she felt almost hopeless after finding out that illustrating in the digital age has developed way too far to catch up.
But she searched into many kinds of websites and found out how to draw on this medium. And there, she learned that she enjoys drawing more than anything.

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