〜The world of dusk, inside a fantasy〜

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I would like to draw a picture that is in between a dream and reality, utilizing runny colors and gradation, which can be only done by transparent watercolor paintings.

I like the blue color series which I use often.

Deep red and purple is the color that I feel uncomfortable using, but I like these too.

I like slightly dusky colors so I mix many colors and make into my favorite color.

I learned the basics of illustration at collage.

Until then, I barely drew the background of pictures. However as I learned more, it became more interesting and I started to draw in more detail.

Back then, I drew a lot in CG too.

However, as my eyes started to get tired, I changed to use transparent watercolor painting little by little. Now, outside of work, I do transparent watercolor paintings almost exclusively.

When I was in junior high school, I became a fan of Junko Kitano and was inspired by her.

These days, I am concentrating on completing drawings as a single individual illustration project. Not just imitating a preexisting character and scribbling.

Many people’s arts have given me an inspiration and I think I’ve used this inspiration to develop my own taste recently.

I became a little confident after I started to post my drawings on quarterly magazines “S” and “Small S”.

Since these were my favorite magazines, I remember that I was really happy when I was chosen to appear in them.

And then, my feelings that I want to draw for a living started to grow stronger after I got a few job for illustration and creating.

I found out about Sakura Exhibition when I was browsing the internet.

I got very excited and felt that I wanted to join too by seeing all those great artists who were participating.

It seems like the scale of the event is getting larger year by year. And I would like to participate as much as I can from now on too.

I participated in a sokubaikai (art exhibition and sales event) for the first time in February this year.

I had participated in group exhibitions before but I felt that no one will buy my art. So I was little hesitant to put my work up for sale.

But many people were creating books about their own illustrations, and I wanted to make my own too.

Now that my illustration book is completed, I finally made up my mind.

I was very anxious about whether someone would buy my work or not. But I was very happy to see many people pick up my pieces.

Some people talked to me. And some even wrote me letters after the event. I was very moved.

I hope to get an offer to illustrate a book cover someday.

I often get lost searching for my own identity. But still, I would like to see and feel many new things, and challenge myself aggressively.

From our Editor

Interviewed month: July, 2014.

Syuka-san’s picture has a pale taste that looks like it will melt soon. The gradation of colors creates the fantastic world that seems to eliminate the border of the picture, and bleed into reality itself. It’s as if you will be drawn into the picture.
There is something else: the sense of the light, the texture of the air, the sense of smell and that of vision.

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