Kina Kazuharu

〜Hey, It’s not too late to spend time together〜

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If I was asked to answer honestly what got me interested in drawing…

I think it was from the craving I had since I was going to the boy’s high school. For “wanting to live amongst high school girls.”

My final goal is to draw an “ideal girl” which I wasn’t able to spend together during my high school days.

It is the pursuit of the joy of youth that you’ll never get,

And it is an output of imagination of time together with those who don’t exist.

If you think about it now, I think the choice of going to the boy’s high school was my biggest turning point in my life in some way.

There, I was able to recognize the emotion inside me that I like girls.

The high school girls in their school uniform, who I saw on the train. They were all very glorious.

They were very close physically but the existence was very far away. I really felt that.

And I began to feel strongly that I want to change this situation.

This feeling led to the creation of many imaginary girls, and led to my motivation to step into this world.

I am not satisfied, I want to be satisfied. This feeling is what creates the girls.

As a result, spending 3 years of unfilled school life in boy’s high school turned out to be my motivation, and led me to my present state.

In that sense, it was the biggest failure but also a great decision that connected me to who I am now.

Through these experiences, I found a reason to draw and started to think that I wanted to do a job related to illustration during my college life. And then I got a job at a game company.

I learned the rules of the industry. I had a chance to do things besides illustration. I was able to look back upon what I wanted to become.

‘3 years of employment’ was big nourishment for me.

But I didn’t think that I wanted to remain as a part of that organization.

The strong will of “I want to be recognized by many people.” and “ I want to express it in my own way which I had since I was in high school” grew strongly and led to my later independence.

Although I learned many things such as the sense of touch, and other drawings that I wasn’t aware of while working at the company.

I suggest — for anyone who wants to become a pro — that they might work for an illustration company once.

Eagerness for quality differ a lot from any particular company or individual.

I concentrated on attending sokubaikai (art exhibition and sales event) after I determined to become an illustrator.

Of course, I wasn’t able to sell my works at the beginning.

But I continued to work persistently.

As I continued to work actively, I found out the best way to have people understand my drawings was to unleash my feelings that I had since high school, the expression that I want to make, towards my drawings.

And my stance towards creating art was rewarded and I am where I am right now.

My goal as an artist is not to end up with just an illustrator. I want to be established as an “artist.”

I want to do on equal terms with “art” ultimately at the worldwide stage. I am at my desk now thinking about that.

From our Editor

Interviewed month: June, 2014.

Kazuharu-san told us about his steady vision, as well as his conflicts, with full of humor.
He was blown away by Makoto Shinkai-san’s “Voices of a Distant Star” when he was a high school student.

He said it was just like an output of what he wanted to do.

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