〜Wake up…”The world of your heart” that everyone shares 〜

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I draw because I want to introduce the world what I think is nice.

I want to express the feelings that I know, that I learned and the things that I think are beneficial.

How much can I stimulate others’ intellectual curiosity?

Is this worthy as an intelligence?

I care about these things.

I would like people who saw my drawings to “heal” and “realize.”

I was studying psychologys in university.

When I absorb something that I learned, it usually comes into my head as a picture.

It would be interesting if I could output this into a drawing.

Some of my drawings seem negative.

It might look negative at the beginning but I create a positive story to it and end it as a positive drawing.

By accepting your suppressed, ugly and dirty psychological form you will heal your emotions.

When I learned this theory, I was amazed and wanted to tell someone.

I started to do water-painting after I entered university.

I was introduced to water-painting while I was surfing the internet.

“I want to draw like this” I thought.

At first, I simply thought “Wow! What a beautiful water-painting! It’s fun.”

The “bleed” that comes out naturally is beautiful.

I think the painter’s feelings appear on the original drawing.

Someone that I know, who has a strong sensitivity, once told me that she could sense that I was drawing for someone besides myself. And I was surprised.

Because it was true. I was drawing for someone else. I was very happy that it got through to someone.

What I always think when I see the pictures of someone else is what was the painter thinking when he or she was drawing this??

It is easier to deliver if it is an original drawing.

“A drawing” will complete with the people who draw and the people who look at drawing.

That’s why I draw for someone.

I draw and release it to the public.

Both happiness and sadness are just the landing points. It is a matter of which you choose.

People who are sad choose to be so.

So what I want to express is that, it is a matter of your choice.

I would like to draw a picture that will help people who saw my drawings to choose happiness.

I got to know about of ARTs*LABo and started to participate in Sakura Exhibition. It opened up a whole new world for me.

I became aware of the way to sell your work as I experienced by making my work into a postcards and selling them.

And since I met the artists from ARTs*LABo, I began to think that I can also live as an artist,

I can aspire to become one of them.

From our Editor

Interviewed month: May, 2014

From the moment you see SYO-san’s drawings, there is some kind of “strength” that will instantly draw you in.
But everything inside the drawing has its own meaning, making you feel that there is a story going on inside.
What did you perceive ?

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