〜Deliver my heart through Twilight〜

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It meant a lot for me to start joining COMITIA ((a major sokubaikai(art exhibition and sales event), takes place 4 times a year))

Doing so was a great opportunity to meet many people, and this relation brought me here.

I started to draw seriously after I bought a pen tablet.

I used that original pen tablet for quite a bit, but the new one had much higher capacity.

Seeing many people drawing on Photoshop piqued my interest, and I started wondering if I could do the same.

So I started playing around on Photoshop in between shifts at work.

I’ve been drawing since I was little. I always really enjoyed drawing.

When I was in elementary school, there were others who drew well. I realized my drawings were not as good as theirs.

And so I backed off from drawing for a while.

Even though I majored in design in college, I still wasn’t ready to take any classes that were directly related to drawings.

After graduating, I bought a pen tablet for my designing work and at a same time, I started to draw little by little as a hobby.

Back then, SNS was getting popular; this had the effect of making me take my drawing more seriously.

COMITIA 96 held in May 2011 was my first sokubaikai experience.

2 of my friends and I attended together as a club.

I participated in COMITIA 97 with a different friend as a joint club like I did at 96.

When I first joined the club, I remember that the time flew very quickly but I don’t remember other things

because I was too nervous to stand in middle of such a huge site with so many people.

At sokubaikai, you are able to meet people who you usually can’t.

There are people who just walk by and stop to see your drawings, some of which come and talk to you.

Each of these thing is difficult to reproduce on the internet.

You can experience these things only by being at the actual event.

I would like to continue participating in COMITIA and Comic Market actively going forward.

Hopefully to bring my ‘new’ works each every single time.

From our Editor

Interviewed month: March, 2014

Winumeri-san’s drawings have very characteristic eyes. The characters’ eyes are so clear, it often feels like you are at risk of being dragged into the drawing.

Since she likes kemomimi(characters with animal ears), she draws a lot. Those who want the feeling of fluffy should check it out!


Favorite anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena, Earth Maiden Arjuna
Current Favorite Creators:  Murata Range-san, Others
Sokubaikai she attends often:  COMITIA

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Tokyo pref.

Club: Winumeri