〜Please enjoy the world of circles and colors〜

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At the beginning, I used to draw a lot of round shaped characters like rabbits, panda bears, and bears. They were only the extra side characters, separated from the ordinary figures.

But they are now changed completely to the core of my drawings.

I sometimes get anxious because they are too simple.

But I understand that I get a job offer because I am required to draw simple drawings.

Especially women and high school girls seem to like my drawings. And I am happy about this.

I try to draw 1 picture per day, without thinking too much.

I draw a circle on a white sheet and decide what will I draw next.

I basically don’t draft out.

I was thinking of drawing a panda bear at first but sometimes it turned out to be a mouse.

The decisive factor of an illustration I like is “Does it look delicious or not?”

Maybe it is directly connected to my

My work is based on my imaginations like sweets, suger confectioneries and nerikiri ( Japanese sweets).

I add some spite parts as hidden spice.

Since I started to help my mom’s business, I used Mac for drawing.

We were running a photo studio.

I bought Mac because I heard it was good for designing.

You could draw a perfect circle with Illustrator. It was like “WOW!!”

I continued drawing for my hobby and created wallpapers and distributed on my website.

From the publisher who saw my wallpapers contacted me and told me they wanted to post my website.

Back then, the site distributed the wallpapers was not that common.

And then I got an offer from a children’s variety store. It was to draw an illustration for a children chair where the butt part will squeak when you sit down.

I was drawing only for my hobby but realized that this can be an actual work.

I participated in Sakura Exhibition from the first one.

First, I was panicked because my drawings had a different taste from others.

If you see my work with objective eyes, it looked alone and unusual.

But then I started to think that this is rather good because it will stand out.

If someone likes my drawing, that’s just great.

I would like to try one more work for children.

I would also like to create new characters and distribute them.

It would be wonderful if my characters work out actively at many stages.

From our Editor

Interviewed month: May, 2014

Asahina-san studied illustration, Mac tools, everything by herself.
She continued to follow her destiny.
And that leads to her characteristic way of expression.

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