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When I was in middle school, my art teacher taught me that one of the important characteristics of a good illustrator is design.

In high school, I had a hard time deciding between drawing and design courses. And I was terribly bad at design.

So, I decided to go with drawing courses.

I majored in arts in the Education Department in university. Ordinarily, many of the students come out of this major will become art teachers,

but I decided to work at a company instead. I felt that I wasn’t suited to become a teacher.

The theme of my pieces are ancient Egypt. I loved the character, Mirror of Ra from Dragon Quest II.

I started to get into this character by asking myself, “ What is Ra?”

I wrote short stories and drew a lot of characters from middle school. All were based on a theme from ancient Egypt.

It has been a while since I last participated in a sokubaikai (art exhibition and sales event). I was busy with works and taking care of my kid.

But last year (2013), I finally attended one after such a long time. This one was Fukuoka Comic City.

I met a mother who does drawings at my kid’s kindergarten.

She told me that she had never been to sokubaikai, so I encouraged her to go together.

You can hear people’s voice, their raw reactions, to your works at sokubaikai.

If you just want to sell arts, anyone can do so on the internet. But you can’t hear your customers’ voices directly.

It doesn’t matter whether they buy it or not. It’s important just to know that someone is viewing your arts, even from a distance.

Hearing them say “Hey, isn’t that cute?” and seeing them reading the descriptions carefully; these are important things.

You might not want to attend sokubaikai anymore if you once feel “What I was doing there?”.

Which mean, if you couldn’t see people’s reactions.

I personally seldom look at any of the other artist’s works at sokubaikai. There are just too many amazing drawings, which make me feel deflated.

I see a lot of jewelries, though. I won’t make them by myself, so I naturally think it is pretty.

I am not a person with a strong ambitious spirit. I don’t like drawing itself, because drawing is tough.

My reason for drawing is rooted in either my desire to draw an object that I like, or if there is a story that I want to tell.

It didn’t have to be drawings. I create them because I want to show them and want to get complemented on my hard works.

I just happened to have an opportunity to get praised; by my drawings.

From our Editor

Interviewed Month:April, 2014

Ayame-san is a merry person with smiles and frank attitude. Recently, she attended Sosaku Batake (Osaka) in March 2014.

She taught me it is okay to take things easy.


Favorite Game: Dragon Quest, Fire Emblem and other
Favorite Creator:  Inomata Mutsumi

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