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〜Silhouette of a dancing line〜

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When I was in middle school, I became friends with a person who posted on a magazine called “Fanroad” and I tried it as well.

I drew a lot at the time, when I was thinking about what to do in terms of college and my career.

Since I was the youngest in 4 kids in my family, I knew it would be a burden for my parents to pay for my college.

So, I was thinking of going to a reasonably-priced school.

…and one where I don’t need to take math exams.:) Back then, I didn’t have a dream or any particular thing that I wanted to do in the future. I just felt like “I don’t care. “

I didn’t want to be anything, I didn’t want to do anything…. I was still infected with the dreaded “eighth grade disease.” 🙂

I finally chose a college, majored in the Department of Education, which was close to my house, was cheaper, and required no math exams.

And I also went to an art school for a month, to prepare for drawing tests.

I had no basic techniques until then so I learned a lot there.

I really am glad that I did this, because it gave me an understanding of the importance of basics. This had an effect on everything, from manga to illustration.

After I graduated, I worked at the printing company related to designing. I learnt how to use Adobe Illustrator there.

I was very busy with work. I needed to draw to relax, to de-stress.

And then, I found out that one of my colleagues was participating in Design Festa ((a sokubaikai(art exhibition and sales event)). He encouraged me to do so as well.

At Design Festa, I did Live Painting. Setting a time limit like this, or doing something else that attracts visitors is important I think.

One example is 5 minute painting. You start and finish drawing in 5 minutes. This definitely gathers the attention of bystanders.

But you gotta be quick. If the drawing takes a lot of time, passers-by hardly come speak to you.

If you think about holding a personal exhibition, it will cost you a lot: about as same as renting the place for a whole week.

Plus you have to prepare DM (Direct Messages/Mails). And you need to take time off from your day job to be there. It costs a lot.

If you think about how many people will come and see your work in a two day span, there are simply not many events like that.

I can meet people who tell me that they like my drawings, that makes me very happy! And if I can meet people who order my drawings, I would be even happier.

‘Luck’ is so important, I think. I’ve been blessed with good lucks. I think a part of that might be because I show up to many events.

For a lot of different reasons, I think it is very important to go outside and meet as many people as you can.

If you just spend all your time doing one thing, even if it’s something that you were supposed to love, you’ll eventually end of hating it.

I like drawings but I like designing as well. And also creating things.

You know, ‘Art’, it’s something where you release your emotion, and get a certain feeling of satisfaction as a result, right? I like that also.

Thinking about things from a business perspective, you’re making your clients happy, and clients of the clients happy, etc. I like that too.

Even if you’re doing your own business, not as a company employee, you had better not stay inside.

You gotta get out, get inspirations from what you see. This applies especially to design. Without this, you’ll just get old.

If you feel too much pressure, and start to feel distressed… things you love will become things you hate.

I once went through that for ‘designing’. Designing was supposed to be something that I loved….

I think it is important to stop at a certain point in order to maintain your interest in the things you love.

From our Editor

Interviewed month: April, 2014.

In a word, Kamijoh-san is very bright and powerful, and you’ll get a lot of energy from her.
She made me laugh a lot during the interview.
Her drawing is very charming.

The reporter was pumped up by this talk; to give his energy for his own passion!

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