〜At the garden where the soft wind dances〜

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I love traveling.

I take a lot of pictures and draw some pictures.

Flowers that you see for the first time, scenic area, and cutely-designed souvenirs.

If I find a shrine at my destination, I will always step inside.

I recently created a dojinshi themed on shrine gates.

I started to use the internet more often when I was in high school.

And then I started to draw online and upload my pictures.

I interacted with artists and made many friends.

One of my friends recommended that I should maybe try watercolor painting because my drawings fit its style and so I started.

“SS- Small S” 1st edition

It was a magazine for submitting drawings, which I did. And they chose mine for a full page.

After that, I had an offer from the editor of the quarterly magazine “S” for an illustration story.

This was my first job.

At that time, I often looked at long-sleeved kimono and hakama catalogs.

I used these as a reference for drawing kimonos. And I got hooked on it.

Then I began to play around, mixing normal clothes and kimono.

The illustration that I submitted for small S edition was also a mixture of kimono and clothes.

If I think about it now, studying the long-sleeved kimono materials was a turning point for me.

Since I started to draw a kimono, I think the response I got from my audience increased.

I attended to “S” magazine’s camp several times.

It was a great inspiration for me to see the artists I respected so much drawing directly in front of me.

One of the people who attended the same camp asked me if I was interested in going to a postcard-themed exhibition together.

That was where I met ARTs*LABo.

What I am always aware of is “Girls should be pretty”.

I get many comments that their eyes have a strong will.

The manga artists who I was greatly influenced by during my school year were Rin Asano and Shigeo Takao.

There are too many illustrators who I like that I cannot name them all.

I was in charge of the illustration of the book “ Ayakashi no kagami” published by Aoi Tori library.

As the 6th edition was going to be printed, I held a personal art show supported by ARTs*LABo.

Thanks to cooperation by the artists, teachers and editor who were in charge, I’ve also held a talk show.

I was asked to take a picture with the people who came to my art show. And I was surprised.

I felt that the power of books is enormous.

From our Editor

Interviewed month:June, 2014

Yufushi-san says that she got a big reaction for her kimono drawings. It is her individuality that will make you cool down and feel the seasons and the temperature just by looking into her pictures.

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