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When I was in kindergarten, I used to imitate characters from Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon.

And then, I started to draw my original girl’s characters when I entered elementary school and I liked it.

My friends and I exchanged a lot of drawing letters. One of my friends draw on 1 paper and then I do so, in order.

Each brought up a theme. “Lots of hearts”, “Angels”, “Boys”, “Girls, like that.

Friends that I exchanged drawing letters changed as I changed schools. But it continued until second year of high school.

When I was in elementary school, there were lots of kids who liked to draw. So if you spread a paper, about 10 kids would gather around and drew whatever they liked.

One of my friends was familiar with drawing tools, such as COPIC, papers, Photoshop and Illustrator. And I learned about these then.

When I entered junior high school, I started to participate in sokubaikai (art exhibition and sales event). And that was really fun.

I became friends with creators who I met at the events and went to their house and drew at their places or had a cup of tea on weekends.

There is actually a creator, who I met during my junior high school and high school years, and became manga artist.

Gathering with elder people made me feel that I wanted to draw better. Their drawing was very good and I was motivated a lot by them.

Beyond such relations, I was taught about watercolors when I was a freshman in college.

I tried to use color pencils and COPIC etc., but they couldn’t fit in my style. Then I met watercolors and this was what I wanted!! It actually leads me to my drawings as of today.

I went to child care academy and became a nursery teacher after graduating.

Children loved my drawings. I could have some chances to try drawing a picture book with children’s actions.

After working as a nursery teacher for 4 years, I moved to Melbourne, Australia to study more about child care.

I was amazed to see a lot of creators who were busking (※to play or display in public and sometimes they will get paid) at roadside,

and I was also surprised to meet the cultural difference and knew that there were many people who were selling their drawings.

You need a permission of the city hall to busk. But I got an approval very easily, so I sold my drawings, drew portraits, and did live-paintings.

In Japan, it is the only way to get direct reviews by attending the events or the festivals. However in Australia, you can easily get them at roadside, it is a big difference.

It was also because of busk to be invited to an event called “Japanese Culture Festival “in Australia.

Many of my close friends who were drawing with me had to quit, when they decide their job, however, I couldn’t give up drawing.

I persuaded my parents and the others that I will be a nursery teacher but continue drawing.

My friends who do drawings got fewer. But people I met at Sakura Exhibition are now the close and good company of mine who inspires each other.

If I am not happy with the way things are now, I try to find a new place. Where I have possibility to meet people with a lot of information.

In fact, I’ve been helped by a lot of people at each turning points.

My goal right now is to publish a picture book. Since I became a nursery teacher, I started to think that I wanted to draw for children and their mothers.

To make my goal come true, I will do my best for what I can do.

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Interviewed Month:April, 2014

“I am really lucky.”, said ezakimarina-san. When it comes to a turning point, she can meet someone who will help her.
It might be because she is being active, not just her luck.

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