〜Me and creatures swim within me〜

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The art with a good reputation doesn’t always look realistic. Some of them, you can hardly tell whether it is good or not.

I started to think that the way of thinking differs from people. How you see the world vary from person to person.

I live normally like this but that person over there might see the world differently.

This kind of vague feeling made me draw a lot of pictures based on a daily life.

Until I graduate high school, I drew with my friends, like original manga.

I used to draw characters from Pokemon card, usually non-human characters. But I started to draw humans after I started to draw manga.

And I just kept drawing the manga I liked or manga that was popular then.

When I was around junior high school, I started to draw using a computer. Since I wasn’t connected to the internet at the beginning, I used the application “Paint” which was already installed.

Later on, I started to be on-line and drew on “Drawing Board”.

I drew with a mouse for a long time. And started to use the tablet when I entered college.

I started using colors as I started to use computer.

I went to an Art University and majored in Japanese–style painting. I only drew with digital now but digital and Japanese–style painting have a lot of differences. It is always distressful.

For instance, it is easy to express the ink bleed on the paper on analog, but with digital, you can only draw what is actually dropped.

Digital makes drawing unnatural. In order not to look like that, I thought I need to acquire a lot of techniques.

I feel confortable drawing in analog. So the problem is how I can show my characteristics using a digital.

The fact that I bought Photoshop during my college years was my turning point in terms of my creating activity.

I didn’t use it for once because I didn’t know how to.

I thought that you didn’t need to use it unless you know how. But there is a lot of ways you can express by using it.

I feel an expression on digital media and skills of using Photoshop, in other words, intensiveness for using the software is necessary.

I am frequently asked why I draw pictures with a theme ‘fish’ a lot, however, I don’t have any particular reasons for this.

I unintentionally had a chance to drew a picture of fishes swimming among the walking humans.
But I felt I could do it better.

So I drew it over and over, and the drawing of this theme increased.

What I want to put strong effort right now is illustrations for CD jackets and novel’s covers.

Thanks to all the requests of works I undertake so far, I will be happy to keep on drawing more and more.

From our Editor

Interviewed month: May, 2014.

Mogusa-san’s art is very attractive with her own view of the world.
I am curious why her extraordinary world makes me feel something nostalgic.
The exhibition she often attends is COMITIA and Design Festa.

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