〜Emotions only for me, colors only for me〜

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drawr (*) was just a place for practicing. I drew whatever I wanted and that was good for me. It wasn’t for other people to see.

“To draw for a living” doesn’t fit me.

As long as you are drawing freely, you won’t be told, “You should do it like this” or “No this is wrong”.

I met many people through drawr and Twitter.

*…drawr: An illustration messaging board which is a sister service of Pixiv. It is not only for posting illustrations, but also has Flash-based drawing functions.

There are 2 reasons that I am obsessed with drawr.

Since I am color blind, I cannot use any paints, colored pencils or Copic.

I got scolded at my art class when I was in junior high school.

Like, “Why are you coloring Peter Pan’s skin in yellow-green!!”

I wasn’t a dally-kind of student and was drawing really seriously.

And the other reason is, I don’t like my hands to get dirty. lol

The memory of being scolded about how I painted skin color is strongly rooted in my memory, all the girls I draw now don’t have a flesh color.

I may use a red or pink shadow, but the skin is pale white.

I feel uncomfortable using a flesh color.

drawr was an extension of my scribbling.

When I was angry or sad, my drawings will be the same.

When I get irritated, I will not curse but will send out the message by drawing the beautiful girl.

That leads to “Survile Girls.”

Since the illustration itself is my emotional effusion, I don’t have any future vision about it.

I would like to be prepared so that my works can be delivered to people who really need them. This point is more important to me than how much I sell or be familiar.

I like Manji-san’s drawings who I met at drawr.

The style and the interception of the world correspond to that of mine. Above all, he is drawing freely.

You’ll know it’s Manji-san’s work at one glance. This influenced me a lot.

I have an aspiration to his style: not too eager, but has a good sense.

I was an ordinary boy and I wasn’t a person who was popular among girls.

But at sokubaikai (art exhibition and sales event), I will be seen as “ Tachi-san, the guy who is drawing that picture.”

Those lively eyes of the woman are very beautiful and that will be express in my drawings.

The place where I can meet everyone.

I would like to make many kinds of goods…

Such as iPhone cases and knee socks.

I would like to make many attractive goods and establish my career in making these.

From our Editor

Interviewed month:June, 2014
When he draws a female figure and face, it reflects the girl that he thought was beautiful, like from a person who he actually met or a person whom he saw in town walking.
The feeling that Tachi-san’s drawing is different from others might be coming from there.

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