〜Many glasses elements, little curious world〜

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After graduating high school, I worked for 2 years but then decided to go to the art academy.

I couldn’t visualize my future at this company I was working at.

This is not good….

I thought, if there is anything you want to do, you have to make up your mind now.

At the art academy, I majored in character design.

There was a lot to learn. I was able to think about my own career and make my own decisions.

After I graduated, I was working as a tutor, between teachers and students.

I supported the teachers, taught the students, and designed the school’s advertising.

We had an editorial staff review meeting once or twice each year.

The editors from light novels and manga reviewed the student’s works and would make remarks.

I participated in this event after I became a tutor and this created an opportunity for me to work with manga editors.

For the first time in my life, I thought of becoming a manga artist.

The piece which I presented to an editorial staff review meeting was a manga I drew as my graduation piece.

Back then, I wanted to become a designer. So, I could have done something design-related for my graduation work.

But since I was in an art academy to improve my drawing skills, I kind of felt uncomfortable creating a piece that had nothing to do with drawing.

But if it’s just only a drawing, it wouldn’t have any individuality. I wanted it to be more unique.

And so, my graduation work turned out to be a manga exhibition.

While I was in school, I participated in COMITIA every time it was held.

I also do all the designing by myself.

I was able to learn something new each time, and learned from thinking about how to make a lot of people look at my work.

Since I decided to become a manga artist, I often went to the editorial office of COMITIA.

There, I was able to have a manga editor work with me.

It is so much fun to create a book working with many people.

That is the joy of sokubaikai (art exhibition and sales event).

I enjoy designing when one of my member’s drawing is put on a cover.

I like doing trial and error.

Once your idea is formed into a shape, you will forget all the difficulties you went through.

I care about the bindings when I read a manga.

This is the part that I look at the most when I pick up a comic book.

My goal for now is to design the bindings for my comic books that will be published.

From our Editor

Interview month: May, 2014

Kagamitsuki-san says that he would like to work energetically to find out the new way to sell his works.
His objective of being able to self-produce might be honed by the experience of his efforts of thinking how to make people pick up his work in their hand.

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