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I’ve been drawing pictures since I was little. That’s the way I like to do things…

Once you get to your Junior year of high school, people start discussing career options, you know? And I’ve always been such a fun-loving person, never really focusing on studying, so…

Once I got to the “Oh shit…” stage, one of my art teachers tweeted in my ear: “At an art college, even a moron like you can get by just by drawing pics man.”

So, I joined an art college 🙂 To get in I had to draw a LOT, so to tell you the truth, at that time I’d been pretty much fed up with drawing.

After getting into college, I joined a friend’s band, trying to be a poser DJ, etc…

Since then, thanks to my college band days, I was able to lead things towards my current job as a musician for commercials.

But I kept up my drawing, for fun. I started using a serious graphics tablet in 2010, and since then have been uploading my drawings online.

Once you upload your drawings on the net and start getting some real feedback from the crowds, well, let’s just say it has the effect of sobering you up.

I’m really trying to go after those styles that never go out of style, such as Akira Toriyama, Hayao Miyazaki, Takehiko Inoue, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, (listed in alphabetical order).

ispons (*) is not a band that was started “on purpose.” It began as a natural extension of a few friends having fun drinking together.

isopon has a nice voice (singing), nice!

KANA plays the violin? She can even arrange the strings herself, wow…

I myself can compose and arrange music..

I was like “This might sound good?!” 🙂

COMITIA 107 (a big sokubaikai (art exhibition and sales event) for creators that held in February 2014 was the first sokubaikai that I attended directly.

I never thought people would deign to pick up my works of art, especially in a physical setting. I heard a lot of that.

Internally, we always spoke about it being a fact of life that you’d be in the red doing this kind of thing.

It was really fresh and surprising to hear people come up and say that they’d often seen my work online.

I didn’t expect it, but when I got a lot of people coming and looking at my work, I was really happy.

And that’s when it was revealed to me: what I wanted to do with my life.

I decided I was going to live for illustration and music.

Recently I’m aiming for incidental music,(background music in works such as theatre, Anime, etc.). I want to make character drafts and simultaneously be a sound creator in it.

pomodorosa drawings. pomoporosa sounds. I want to take the world on.

From our Editor

Interviewed on March, 2014.

pomodorosa is:

  • 1) Of course someone who writes his own songs (that’s his day job);
  • 2) Good at drawing, and
  • 3) A handsome dude!

It goes without saying that this reporter’s pride was dashed when given the chance to interview a genius such as pomodorosa…

Despite it being his debut at COMITIA 107, all of pomodorosa’s works sold to a very active and excited crowd of fans 🙂

(*) isopons is a groovy music band composed of pomodorosa (composition & arrangement + guitar), isopon (vocal), and KANA (violin).

isopons public site  http://isopons.tumblr.com

You can listen to their sounds here:  https://soundcloud.com/isopons/sets/switch_over

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