〜Clear outline creates Colorful girls〜

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I’ve always liked office stationery products.

I drew pictures that can be used for stationery products.

When I was in junior high school, I became fascinated in art materials. So I drew a lot to use these materials.

I started drawing with a marker pen, and then eventually changed to watercolor and oil painting.

I attended illustration courses in my vocational school. I wanted to draw mascot characters.

After I graduated, I became an assistant at that school for a year.

And then I worked at DTP (an advertising company).

There I got acquainted with Adobe Illustrator, which I bought and studied myself.

Mascot characters are usually drawn in thick lines, and so I wanted to do the same.

Adobe Illustrator is perfect for this.

Whenever I would come to a point where I was not sure what to draw, I would go out and meet many people.

There was a time when I had absolutely no idea what to draw.

During this time, I was always wondering ”there might be something that is more fun than doing this…” while I was drawing.

If I became distressed like this, I would watch a lot of different media.

I would go to art galleries and museums to find a clue of what to draw.

In the meantime, I encountered with girls illustration.

When I saw Junichi Nakahara–san and Yoshiko Miyamoto–san’s illustrations,

I thought I would be happy if I could draw a picture like this.

It is fashionable and pretty.

What I give a lot of consideration to is the idea of keeping it simple.

I try not to use many colors.

For me, the picture will get tighter if you use less color rather than draw many things.

I concentrate on drawing what I want to emphasize.

iPhone Case Exhibition at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, the first or the second exhibition that I attended, was my turning point.

There I was offered a job to illustrate for an iPhone application.

It was my first work to do girls illustration.

Since then, I decided to continue to draw these kinds of pictures.

At the exhibition, you are able to meet with people who you normally wouldn’t be able to meet.

Your art will might be seen by the people who came to see the other artist’s work.

On the internet, people only see the drawings that they searched for. But at the exhibition, they will happen to see your drawings as well.

Exhibitions are actually a great chance to spread your work.

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Interviewed month: June, 2014

toMoka-san loves history-related stuff.
She researches about enemy battle plans and war-related items. And she also reads the Sengoku Jiten (Warring States Dictionary) too.
She also gets inspiration from scroll paintings and family emblems.

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