〜What do you think, behind that mask?〜

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I attended a specialized high school for craftwork.

We used pottery wheels, made accessories, used dirt and wood. No drawings.

Since then, I made a website on mobile and uploaded my pictures.

I started to think about drawing seriously after I started to work.

I was posting my drawings on the website but I wasn’t sure how to make a lot of people see my works.

At that time, a friend who I met through mobile website, asked me if I wanted to participate in the sokubaikai (art exhibition and sales event) held in Sapporo together. That was my first experience attending such an event.

The fun part of sokubaikai is that it is a real-time event where you can directly hear opinions and thank your fans.

To be able to search your favorite artist is also the fun part too! After that, I started to participate in ARTs*LABo’s event little by little.

When my postcard was sold and changed into money at the first event I attended, I felt I had to draw seriously.

In addition, I made a connection with other artists.

I attended a group exhibition last year, which was borne from my relationship with other artists at the Sapporo event.

I started to feel that the connection between people is very important.

I draw in analog, and always thought you needed to go digital to draw game-related illustrations.

The beginning of my drawing work was when I got an email from a person in one company.

I asked if it was okay to draw in analog. They said it wasn’t a problem. I had been feeling conflicted that it would be difficult to get a job if you couldn’t draw digital.

And that I would fall behind the times. But since then I was able to gain a lot of confidence.

Many of my original drawings have a somber taste. So, it is enjoyable to draw different kinds of picture at work. Like bright drawings and such.

Now I feel that it was a good thing not learning “drawing”. I had no rules that I had to follow.

It was fun to draw by trial and error.

I like to make up a story for each picture that I draw.

I put some motif in a picture related to the story I made. I would be happy if anyone notices it.

I was affected by Hajime Sorayama’s works. I was surprised to see his drawings were done in analog.

I see a lot of art books as well as other photo books. I won’t draw often but I like mechanics, too.

There is a music video in which Chris Cunningham, the video artist, collaborated with a musician. I liked this very much and I watched it so many times.

I would like to draw an illustration for novels or for covers, because I like to create a story to draw.

I read a lot of mystery books and so recently I’ve been thinking that it would be fun to draw with a bit of a “dark” touch.

From our Editor

Interviewed month: May, 2014

Yue-san was very cheerful with a fascinating personality.
She saw “Princess Mononoke” many times. And also likes “Ghost in the shell”, “Ghost in the shell 2: Innocence”, Kazushi Hagiwara’s “BASTARD!” and “Berserk” by Kentaro Miura.

The sokubaikai she often attends: COMITIA in May.

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