〜Come, play in my garden〜

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The first sokubaikai (art exhibition and sales event) that I participated in was COMITIA when I was a university student.

My friend invited me and I joined for some reason.

Until then, I wasn’t aware of the events like sokubaikai.

So the first time I attended, I was surprised and very stimulated to see many people creating things freely.

If you have a chance to make a presentation at the event, ‘participation’ itself will make you motivated.

Besides, I am basically an easy-going person so I rather prefer to have the deadlines.

I am very pleased when people pick up my book in front of me at the sokubaikai.

To have someone pick up the piece that you’ve created or come and talk to you, this makes me eager to draw again.

And I think it is wonderful to be able to meet the artists that you’ve seen on Pixiv and Twitter.

Through doing a creative activity, I started to think that it would be nice to be able to talk with people who were drawing a picture like me.

So I organized an anthology for the original illustrations.

It was a project with a theme based 100% on my hobby. And so, I was very nervous when I asked other artists if they were interested in this project.

I talked to many artists that I loved. Even though it was sudden, they all accepted my proposal and contributed a wonderful works. I was very very happy.

I still have many games, manga and picture books that I liked since I was a child.

I think those things have a lot effect on what I draw now.

The reason why there are many boys in my drawings is that I guess most of the main characters in the games and books I read as a kid were boys.

Other than that, I like to draw plants and animals. And I guess this is because these often appeared in the novels that I read.

Whenever I am doing something besides drawing, I will write down a note if I came up with a good structure in my head.

Or my drawings end up as a completed work even it was started just as a scribble.

I draw without being conscious.

I scribble when I feel like it.

My art teacher in junior high school was very funny person. I enjoyed art class. In class, we made magazine, frosted glass, made sculptures out of small stones, and weirdly-shaped pottery.

The art teacher taught me not only “how to draw” or “how to create,” but showed me the joy and freedom of drawing and the excitement of creating things.

This was one of the big reasons that I wanted to continue drawing and creating. And so I decided to go on to the art university.

Whenever I get upset feeling that I can’t draw better, I will remember about the funny looking object that I made at school. I would like to continue to enjoy drawing from now on too.

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Interviewed month: May, 2014

Uuumi-san has done block prints, oil-paintings, physical arts and designing during her time at school. It’s been about 7 years since she started to draw seriously. Through her varied experience, she has defined her world through the style of illustration she acquired.

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