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〜A Dream I Once Saw; The Color That Binds You〜

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I remember that my mom was gathering flyers that were blank on the backside. I used to fold it in half, like a book, and draw on it.

There were lots of kids who drew in elementary school. We didn’t go outside to play but stayed inside and just drew pictures.

Bishojo Senshi SailorMoon was on TV and I imitated their characters in my drawings. Rei was my favorite character.

I was a member of the art club in middle school. It was an art club but more for drawing. We drew whatever we wanted.

I mainly drew fantasy-related illustrations, as well as fan art once in a while.

Maybe that was the time I had the most motivation. I had tons of time. My friends around me drew a lot, too.

Art club was held three times a week. But we usually felt that wasn’t enough so we would gather somewhere else and draw.

In high school, I joined the band club. There, I played alto saxophone.

I had played piano since elementary school through college. So, I was used to play both piano and saxophone during my high school years.

Back then, I spent most of my time with the music club. I was so into it that we would rent a studio after school.

(we had to lock up the classroom around 5:30, which didn’t give us enough time to practice).

I continued to draw once in a while. I got my own PC and tablet when I was in high school. Both were hand-me-downs though.

Everyone around me was creating their own website, and so I did too. And I posted my drawings.

I drew on a tablet from high school through my junior year in college.

One of my friends from junior high school showed me her drawings, which she drew with transparent watercolor.

In school, we were only taught about opaque watercolor, so I was amazed to see the beauty of transparent watercolor as well.

I thought I wanted to try it by myself. So, I bought a small set and read a book about its techniques and studied at my college library.

During my college years, I had some free time, so I “borrowed” empty classrooms and drew.

It took me until after college before I first participated in events like sokubaikai (art exhibition and sales event).

In summer 2009, I participated in the Design Festa sokubaikai with my college friend. That was the 30th Design Festa.

I mainly sold postcards. Design Festa has become very popular in past few years and now you have to be chosen in a lottery draw to get the chance to join the event.

Back then, it was pretty easy to get in. I applied near the deadline, so I didn’t get a nice spot. But I was very happy to meet people who came over to my booth to see my works.

Since then, I participate in Design Festa twice every year (in spring and autumn).

I created my first illustration book when I attended the COMITIA sokubaikai.

My friend suggested me that I should make one because this event was mostly focused on illustration books.

I created an illustration book focusing mainly on transparent watercolor drawings.

The problem, though, was that if you compare the copied book to the original, the color will have changed upon scanning, and again when printing.

Sometimes when drawing, I’ll mess up and be like “Shoot. I ruined it….” If this happens to me, I usually will give up and go to sleep.lol

If you leave it for the night, the bleed of the painting will sometimes come out really nice. If it doesn’t turn out nice even after you’ve waited, then I give up (unwillingly).

If you drew it digital, you will get it right at your first try. But with analog, it is difficult to create saturation. That is why it is interesting.

Right now, I draw things that I want to. From now on, I would like to draw for someone else as well.

From our Editor

Interviewed month: May, 2014.

During the interview, the reporter was able to see the original drawing. The image and the original looked so different from the digital version that it felt like a completely different work.
She said that her feelings reflect the colors of her drawings. If you see her recent drawings, they are faint and transparent.

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