〜feeling alive with scent of flowers〜

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Ever since I remember, I was drawing things like Doraemon and Oba-Q.

I drew characters except humans.

I started to draw humans when I grew a little older and I met games and Shonen Jump.

I drew characters from Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy 6 (especially Celes and Edgar!) and Yuyu Hakusho (especially Kurama!)

I learned a little about pictures when I was in college. Since then, I started to care more about the design and colors.

Rather than drawing techniques, I discipline my eagerness to face other pictures, and meet many kinds of drawings to train my taste toward arts.

That was when I started to draw digitally. I used Photoshop for the first time when I was a Junior in college. I enjoyed it very much.

I didn’t have a pen tablet so I had to use a mouse (well, specifically, a trackball).

I bought pen tablet, but honestly a trackball isn’t that bad once you get used to it.

My first experience of sokubaikai (art exhibition and sales event) was after graduating from college.

I made illustrator friends over the internet and got along with them well, a parties such as off-kai (offline meetup of friends met online).

And one of my friends was in coterie activities and I was also joined in.

I had actually been to a sokubaikai before.

I was excited to imagine that I was actually going to sit behind one of those booths desks.

The most sokubaikai I attended in one year was about 6 times. But there was a period when I stopped attending.

I wanted to get out from the obligation that I had to draw something for the sokubaikai. I wanted to settle down and prepare for a while.

If I think back about the period I was not attending, I was still drawing but a little recklessly.

Since you don’t have any deadlines, you can draw freely but not so concentrated. You can use sokubaikai to set up your pace to create a new work.

When your book is purchased at the sokubaikai, you feel that your drawing is needed. It makes you feel a great sense of accomplishment, like “Yeah!!!” .

Even more, you will feel delighted when you hear what people think about your drawings. It is not so often when you can hear feedbacks.

My urge to draw comes across when I watch an interesting movie or when I see a beautiful scene during traveling.

When I see a fashionable woman, I go “I want to draw that”, not “ I want to wear that”.

For me, the act of drawing is a way to express myself which comes very naturally to me.

From our Editor

Interviewed month: April, 2014.

Did you encounter with any drawings you like?? I know, every drawing is amazing, right?

During the interview at our office, one of our colleagues who like the character Kurama from Yuyu Hakusho — was furtively excited. –Just for your information, I as an interviewer prefer the character ‘Hiei’ to Kurama.

The next exhibition Yamigo will participate in will be Comic Market in August 2014!

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