〜The scene that you cannot reach, the vista that is blurring〜

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I want to express the softness of the lines and the boldness of the ink bleed well.

The colors I like are purple, red-purple, and pinkish purple.

I saw Goro Sasaki’s illustration on the textbook cover for the first time

and since then, I fell in love with his art.

After year 2000, I went to a school related to fashion illustration.

There, I learnt the basics for the first time.

There was a 4 year stretch where I didn’t draw because I was busy with my private life.

But I started to draw again when I had children and I wanted to draw pictures of my kids.

I was drawing mainly in digital at the beginning. But I changed to analog since I thought it might be better way to capture more colorful expressions.

Besides, I’ll get a stiff neck if I draw in digital… It is a lot more fun to draw in analog.

I paint in transparent water and sumi (Japanese ink) and I use Japanese papers mainly for sumi.

Kouchi-Mashi is my favorite paper. I like how Japanese paper gives its own flavor compared to normal paper.

I started participate in sokubaikai (art exhibition and sales event) around the same time I started drawing. I was wondering if any of my work would be bought by anyone.

The fun part of the sokubaikai is that you can directly hear the opinions of fans, as well as exchange your own.

My efforts towards my original drawings have changed enormously since I bought a big scanner.

It made me much easier to work on larger-size drawings.

When I drew a big picture, it was such a burden to scan through a little scanner at the end.

So until then, I only drew small sized pictures.

I usually set my theme based on a daily life, what affects me, and what I think.

I think very hard on how I can make my ideas into shapes.

I want to express more clearly since I still cannot draw as I ultimately wanted to.

I not only want to be able to express my ideas on paper better, but I also want to control the ink bleed better.

I am not able to do so yet, but one day I would like to draw a picture that expresses my feelings perfectly.

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Interviewed month: May, 2014

muttiy-san follows-up with the people who collect pieces she likes using Tumblr.
This is how she gets future inspiration.
The next sokubaikai she will attend will be Comic Market in August (there will be a lottery).

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