Tomomi Tomida

〜Shining world, where people breathe〜

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Throughout high school, I was awarded some kind of prize every year.

Poster contest, sketch contest, city art exhibit etc.

I remember that my mother was very happy and was very proud of me. And I was very happy.

I attended design class in high school and learned industrial design, commercial design, and others a little at a time.

Since I was a member of a drama club, I learned that there is a way of creating things other than drawing. I felt the breadth of expression.

There were many interesting students in my design class. And I absorbed manga and music.

After I graduated from high school, I worked at a company designing signs. It was my first experience to work as a designer.

If the clients left it up to me, I would create the design myself. And if there was a request for a specific design, I would create it as I was told.

There were signs around town, designed by me, and I felt a sense of accomplishment seeing this.

This part hasn’t changed.

I got married when I was 26.

Then we had a baby. Many people around me were creating manga-blog related to child-raising. And so I decided to do it too.

In the meantime, I made friends who like pictures. And I started to draw to show it to everyone.

I reunited with drawing.

When I was reading some child-raising blogs, I met one artist. And I learned about Sakura Exhibition and I felt I want to participate in next time.

I also found out that illustrators live in local area were holding a joint exhibition and I went to check it out.

There, I actually saw the drawings of the artists who were participating in Sakura Exhibition. And I was excited like I’d never been before.

It’s hard to explain in words but I felt like “ This! This is what I want!”

It hit me like lightning.

I’ve always copied drawings before, but I started to draw my original illustration after I hit 30 years old.

This was based on the things that I gained from my high school art class, the things from the sign creating company, the things that I found out from the artist’s blog.

I kept absorbing it for 30 years and let it go at once!

I want to improve my skills even if I don’t have a job. No matter what happens, I will keep on drawing.

I will continue to present my pieces even if no one buys them at the exhibition.

I simply like to have people see my drawings.

It all began when my mother looked at my drawing and praised me.

I am so grateful that the exhibition is there for a place to present.

From our Editor

Interviewed month: May 2014

Tomida-san’s father was fond of creating things. Like making plastic models from plastic boards, copying characters from manga and drawing in airbrush, etc. Because there was person like him near by, it gave Tomoda-san the instinct of creating.

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