〜A Dazzling Gaze〜

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I got hooked on anime since senior grade of elementary school. My hands-down favorite was “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.” I watched it a lot.

I loved the character Mikuru-chan the best. I also liked online games, and made up lots of related drawings.

I started to use pen tablet around 7th grade.

Until then, I was drawing with a mouse, but my uncle let me use his pen tablet.

My first experience of sokubaikai (art exhibition and sales event) was Creator’s Market (Nagoya), when I was in high school.

I only sold 4 postcards at that event. 🙂

You can hardly have an opportunity to make someone picks up one of your drawings, holds it in their hands, and examine it. To see this gets me so excited.

This event is held twice every year. And I have never missed attending since the first time.

Each time I am so pleased to meet people who come and tell me that they enjoy my drawings.

People show up to the event because they saw my drawing last time, or they saw it on the internet.

I simply feel happy either my works sold or even not sold.

Or perhaps, would I feel much happier if someone bought my drawing just because they wanted to be the only owner of that piece?

Since I was young, I wanted everyone to see what I was up to, to show off. I’ve always been the happiest when I got compliments on what I was doing.

But there was a time that I stopped drawing because I wasn’t getting enough praises.

I spent a lot of time not drawing but watching anime or going to karaoke. But even then, during my free time I always found myself drawing.

After all, no matter what people tell me, at my core I love to draw.

I get very depressed if someone points out something wrong about my drawings. It makes me feel like everyone views my drawing with a critical eye…

Not anymore but… there was a time when I thought that people who criticized my drawings didn’t have the right to do so if they themselves couldn’t draw.

Now I understand many people who pick up, view, and evaluate my drawings don’t draw. That’s their honest opinion.

But anyway, I still get discouraged. lol

I went to the museum last year for the first time in my life. I was stunned at the oil paintings.

You know, that sense of seeing something into 3D?

It’s now been about a year, I’ve started to adopt the atsunuri painting technique (thick layering over and over like an oil painting).

I never liked using a pencil tracing technique (where you simply trace over the draft design). For example, I didn’t want to use this task for drawing hair.

One time, though, I tried using the atsunuri technique to draw hair on one of my pieces. And by the time I realized it, the whole painting was done by atsunuri.

I don’t think I could keep my desire to draw if there was no one to see it. I want people to enjoy and praise my work!

If you get to the sokubaikai, there are many artists whose works are really astonishing.

Every year, I found some artists are amazing as it is always. I want to be like them, someday.

From our Editor

Interviewed month: April, 2014.

Rennyrean-san’s drawings have a strong element that draws everyone’s attention at the sokubaikai.
She was talking with visitors with smile all the time. She said she really loves to talk with them at these events!
And also, she like’s x6suke-san’s (pekerokusuke-san’s) art since she was in junior high school.

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