〜The strong eyes blended into the incense〜

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I have been drawing since I was little. I drew manga and game’s characters when I was in junior high school.

And I attended events as a group with my friends and published books when I was in high school.

But I was also a member of kendo club in both junior high school and high school.

Art club had a person who’s drawings was really good. And I freaked out.

During my junior high school and high school days, I drew more like boy’s comic using an Acrylic Gouache, which is different from my drawings now.

Zelda, Final Fantasies, Tales, Valkyrie Profile, Wild Arms, Odin Sphere, ICO, Shadow of the Clossus….There is tons of games which I was influenced a lot.

I started to draw more of game’s characters after I began to use PC for drawing. I wasn’t drawing for my project till then.

After not drawing for a while and I got married, I thought about what could be the easy hobby for me to do?? And I remembered that I used to draw a lot.

I had my friends see it and got complements from them. I enjoyed it very much.

I drew for the first time in a while. My drawing had gotten really bad. PC was more common then, and there were a lot of younger people who drew a lot better than me. This made me feel upset.

And when I made my mind to draw harder, my mom told me, “ I like cute pictures. You always draw a scary pictures and I don’t really like it”.

Ok then, I will draw very very cute pictures! I wanted to get praises from my parents.

I draw whatever I want to. I don’t have any special view of the world.

I put effort into especially the legs and eyes.

If I see a cute pins or underwear, I turn it upside down. If you draw exactly with an image you came up with, it will become a nice drawing.

4 years since I stared to do creative activity, I received comments like “ cute” when I posted my drawings on internet. And I started to feel that I wanted to participate in events.

When you draw your original drawings, what really counts is that person’s design or a personality. Just to draw an ordinary drawings won’t make anybody think that the drawing is good.

To receive comments through internet makes me happy but there is a different kind of happiness when you can hear the direct voices from the people who come to the event. There is nothing more precious than the real voice.

I don’t have a particular goal but for me, to draw is being myself. It is a joy,,,my life.

I would like to draw until I can’t move my hand.

And if there is anyone who said they like my drawings, that means everything to me.

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Interviewed month: May, 2014

Aico-san was a member of kendo club in her junior and high school days.
To see into the eyes of the cute and soft-touched girls who look a little stingy with a strong will, it will make you fall in love.

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